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Contactless Residential & Commercial Roof Inspections

Published: 10/26/2020

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At AKVM, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide thorough inspections of residential and commercial roofs while staying within the parameters of social distancing and cautionary health practices.

Before contactless roof inspections were a necessary practice for the safety of ourselves and our customers, we sourced the technological tools that make it possible to perform our inspections as thoroughly as possible. Since it can be rather difficult to see below the surface with the naked eye, we employ these tools to determine the extent of the roof’s condition and what work needs to be performed.

The decision to replace an entire roof versus making limited repairs is almost always dependent on the diagnosis resulting from the roof inspection. This affects not only the cost but also the roof’s structural integrity. An inspection done only via a walkover may not identify underlying issues such as wet insulation, trapped water or subsurface cracks, but certain tools with infrared capabilities can make it much easier to spot these problems and act appropriately to remedy them.

Note: A drone is also incredibly useful in instances where it isn’t possible to walk on the roof, whether it’s a matter of accessibility or safety.

AKVM uses the newest technology and tools to quickly and accurately measure and inspect your commercial roof, using infrared scans to provide crucial information that helps us see any underlying problems not visible to the naked eye and determine the most cost-efficient and necessary solutions.



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The Process

We’re able to use our various tools to look over and into the roof, viewing it in its entirety from all possible angles. Not only does this process produce video and still images of the roof, but also infrared scans that help identify anomalies beneath the surface of the roof. Then, a professional roofer reviews the footage and photos and walks the roof (if possible), making physical marks to any damaged or compromised spots shown in the scans.

Using the newest and most advanced tools to inspect a roof makes the process much easier for the roofer and alleviates the liability issues that could come from walking on the roof. It’s also far more efficient in terms of time and cost when it comes to comprehensively diagnosing what is needed to bring the roof to its best condition.

For example, performing a walkover inspection may lead a roofer to estimate that the roof has been 50% compromised by moisture after a storm, which would require a full tear-off and replacement. Infrared scans, on the other hand, can pinpoint exactly where the damage is located, and it may be much less extensive than originally estimated. This deeper look can make the difference between performing only necessary repairs (and keeping the roof’s warranty intact) and replacing the entire roof unnecessarily. The monetary difference can be enormous in instances like this.

The long-term cost savings and accuracy provided by these tools are highly beneficial to roofing companies as well as building owners or managers. Using infrared heat sensors and other advanced tools can make the inspection process less time consuming, less expensive and more accurate. All of these are reasons that AKVM has chosen to utilize technology as the star of our contactless onsite inspections and why we believe that these tools are more and more becoming a necessity in the roofing industry.

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