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If you are a commercial property owner in Florida, you know that the rainy season can leave your roof in less-than-ideal shape. Roof leaks are never welcomed, but the nearly daily storms that occur during the summer can decide for you that it’s time to have your roof inspected sooner rather than later. Whether you’re experiencing a small leak or significant storm damage, we know that you’re busy trying to run a business. That’s why AKVM can quickly and competently identify roof leaks and execute a solution right away to ensure your doors remain open.

Many commercial roof leaks are not noticed until they’ve caused significant damage, possibly to the point of compromising the integrity of the building’s structure. To avoid the need for major roofing repairs, it’s best to have your roof inspected regularly by a roofing professional so that small issues can be located and repaired before they become a complete catastrophe.

We locate and repair:

  • Unsafe areas
  • Storm damage
  • Wind or hail damage
  • Leaks or ponding areas
  • Aging or out-of-code roofing materials
  • Damage from nesting animals or falling debris
  • Unprofessional or ineffective work done by previous contractors

Our Sarasota, Manatee and Hillsborough County leak detection experts are trained, certified and very good at what they do. AKVM provides thorough inspection and remediation services for your commercial roof whether it’s metal, membrane or a combination of roof types and we guarantee that the roof leak detection and roof repair we perform will be done efficiently and effectively. Make sure your commercial roof remains safe and in good repair; call AKVM to schedule your inspection today,

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Quality Roof Pledge:

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The management and staff of AKVM are dedicated to installing quality roofs that meet or exceed the standards of the manufacturers we represent. We utilize the best equipment available and train our staff to ensure the highest levels of technical expertise in the roofing industry.