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Founded in 1886 in a small New Jersey town, GAF is North America’s largest manufacturer of roofing products today. The company has been focused on innovation and quality since its inception, a focus that has contributed to its incredible growth and popularity over the past 130+ years. In 2020, GAF roofing can be found on 25% of homes in the US!

What is a GAF Master Elite Certified Contractor?

The company’s standard of quality applies to its products and its 3,700+ employees and extends to the roofers who install the products. That’s why GAF established a Certified Contractor program. GAF-Certified roofing contractors have undergone extensive training to ensure that the products are installed to the standards set forth by GAF.

GAF-certified contractors show unparalleled work ethic, pride in their craftsmanship and an overall commitment to excellence. Like GAF itself, these contractors refuse to take cost-cutting shortcuts and they always keep quality and safety at the forefront of every job.

Only 2% of all roofing companies qualify for Master Elite certification. In order to uphold these standards, GAF randomly inspects the roofs that each certified company installs each year.

Why Choose a GAF Master Elite Certified Roofing Contractor

Your home’s roof is the first line of defense against weather, critters and more. It’s also a significant investment that most people have to undertake just once, maybe twice, in a lifetime. With such high stakes, it’s crucial that you choose a roofing company that has been not only licensed in your state, but has gone through the extra verification provided by GAF certification. Furthermore, a GAF-certified contractor is able to offer the protection of Lifetime Roofing System warranties backed by GAF.

Warranties Offered by a GAF Master Elite Certified Roofing Contractor

The most inclusive GAF warranty available, the Golden Pledge Warranty covers 100% of all manufacturer defects for the entire lifetime of the shingle, as well as workmanship defects for 25 years. Any repairs needed because of manufacturer defects or poor workmanship will be made by a GAF Master Elite™ Roofing Contractor at no cost to you. Golden Pledge is a one-time transferable warranty.

GAF’s Silver Pledge Warranty covers 100% of all manufacturer defects for the entire lifetime of the shingle, plus workmanship coverage for 10 years, including tear-off and disposal costs. The Silver Pledge is also a one-time transferable warranty.

The GAF Systems Plus Warranty also covers 100% of all manufacturer defects for the entire lifetime of the shingle. The workmanship coverage of the Systems Plus Warranty also includes 2-year workmanship coverage, including tear-off costs (but not disposal). This warranty is also a one-time transferable warranty.

How We Qualify as a GAF Certified Roofing Contractor

GAF-certified contractors must meet certain requirements before receiving the education and training provided by GAF that is needed to become certified.

To get and keep GAF certification, our company must:

  • Be properly licensed by the state in which we do business (Florida);
  • Carry at least $1M liability insurance as well as worker’s comp;
  • Be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau;
  • Have a good credit rating (GAF uses Experian for credit reporting);
  • Remain up-to-date with the industry’s latest technology and best practices;
  • Attend ongoing GAF training and pass all related testing administered by GAF;
  • Be willing and able to commit to offering GAF’s industry-leading warranties;
  • Renew certification annually to keep the GAF-certified distinction.

When looking for a Florida roofing contractor, you can verify our certification here.

GAF’s certification program is available to any qualified and reputable roofing company that meets these requirements; however, only the top 2% will qualify to be Master Elite certified. Very few Florida roofers are certified Master Elite contractors, but AKVM consistently meets every single requirement simply by striving to meet our own standards.

Homeowners in Sarasota, Manatee & Hillsborough Counties depend on AKVM to provide roofing services at the highest standard of quality and safety. As a GAF Master Elite Certified Contractor, we’re able to offer the highest quality materials, workmanship, and warranties. Call today to schedule a no-obligation roof inspection for your home.

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