Roof Warranties

What you should know about roof warranties

Homeowners must understand the two major types of standard warranty coverage:

1. The manufacturer’s warranty (product warranty), which covers the product against defects in the materials. The terms of the product warranty are set by the manufacturer and cannot be altered by any actions or circumstances by the installer or homeowner.

2. The roofing contractor’s workmanship (installation) warranty, which covers any errors made during installation by the roofing contractor. The installation warranty provided by your roofing contractor cannot be changed in any way by the manufacturer.

As the homeowner, it is crucial to read and understand both warranties and clarify with questions to the manufacturer or contractor where necessary.

AKVM is a GAF Master Elite Contractor offering the
GAF System Plus Warranty, the Silver Pledge Warranty, and the Golden Pledge Warranty

GAF Master Elite
GAF System Plus
GAF Silver Pledge
GAF Golden Pledge

As a GAF Master Elite Certified roofing contractor, AKVM has met and continues to meet the stringent requirements set forth by GAF to carry this designation. We’re duly licensed in the state of Florida, fully insured, and committed to meeting our high standards for quality every single time. We’ve been trained and tested by GAF in order to be deemed worthy of this elite certification, and we receive ongoing training to help us renew our certification on an annual basis.

In short, being a GAF Master Elite Certified roofing contractor ensures our customers that our roofers will provide quality workmanship and superior customer service to every customer, every time. GAF attaches its name only to companies that meet its requirements for safety and quality.

About the GAF Golden Pledge Limited Warranty

As GAF’s highest tier warranty, the Golden Pledge Limited Warranty provides all of the same coverage available in the Silver Pledge LImited Warranty, but the workmanship coverage lasts for 20, 25, or 30 years, depending on the type of shingle. AKVM is proud to be a GAF Master Elite Certified contractor, as access to this warranty is exclusive to just the 2% of all roofers that meet the stringent qualifications for the Master Elite designation.

About the GAF Silver Pledge Limited Warranty

GAF offers a range of strong warranty packages to accommodate almost any situation. AKVM is pleased to offer the GAF Silver Pledge Warranty, which provides first-rate coverage as well as the peace of mind knowing that you are protected in the event something happens to your roof.

The Silver Pledge is a Master Elite extended warranty, offering the same coverage as the System Plus Limited Warranty, with an added 10 years workmanship coverage. Since the Silver Pledge is so comprehensive, roofing contractors must be certified by the manufacturer to install the product and offer the warranty.

The Silver Pledge is on of GAF’s most elite warranty programs, offering all the necessary features to allow for ongoing maintenance and covered repairs, when needed. GAF stands behind all of the roofing material it manufactures because they are sure to add value to a home and set homeowners’ minds at ease.

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About the GAF System Plus Limited Warranty

As a GAF factory-certified contractor, AKVM is proud to offer GAF’s System Plus Warranty on every complete GAF roofing system we install. This lifetime warranty is exclusive to GAF roofing shingles & accessories installed by a GAF certified installer and provides unparalleled protection for your GAF roofing system.

Included in the GAF System Plus Limited Warranty

This System Plus Limited Warranty covers components of your GAF roofing system in the unlikely event that they contain a manufacturing defect. The GAF roofing components covered in the warranty include the following:

  • GAF Asphaltic Shingles
  • GAF Ridge Cap Shingles
  • GAF Starter Strip Shingles
  • GAF Leak Barrier Products
  • GAF Roof Deck Protection Products
  • GAF Cobra® Attic Ventilation Products
  • GAF-labeled Ultimate Pipe Flashing® with EasySleeve® (manufactured by Lifetime Tool® & Building Products LLC)

The 50-year Smart Choice Protection Period allows you to rest easy knowing that GAF will pay the cost of labor to repair or re-cover any defective GAF Product(s)* and will provide replacement GAF Products or the reasonable cost of obtaining replacement GAF Products, at GAF’s option. The cost of labor to tear off some or all of your GAF Products is included if necessary to repair your roof.

*excluding non-GAF accessories, metalwork, or flashing

Wind Protection

AKVM is pleased to offer wind protection under the GAF System Plus Warranty. This coverage is effective for a term of 15 years and has no maximum wind speed limitations.* Tear-off is covered if necessary to repair the roof.

*Special Installation: Your GAF LayerLock-labeled Shingles will be covered up to the maximum wind speed above ONLY if installed using 4 nails per shingle and you have GAF Starter Strip Products installed at the eaves and rakes. Special Installation for all other GAF Shingles requires use of 6 nails per shingle and GAF Starter Strip Products installed at the eaves and rakes. Your GAF Ridge Cap Shingles will be covered up to the maximum wind speed above ONLY if your ridge cap shingles are installed in strict accordance with the “Maximum Wind Speed Coverage Under Limited Warranty” section of the applicable ridge cap shingle application instructions. For installations not eligible for the WindProven Limited Wind Warranty, Maximum Wind Speed Coverage is 130mph with Special Installation or 110mph without Special Installation.

Note: This limited warranty does not cover low-slope membranes, Master Flow® Ventilation Products, ShingleMatch™ Roof Accessory Paint, or GAF Cornell Ventilated Nail Base Roof Insulation. Please go to for a copy of the limited warranties covering these products. See System Plus Limited Warranty for complete coverage, restrictions, and exclusions.

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