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Metal Roofing Specialists

AKVM is West Central Florida’s preeminent metal roofing contractor for metal roofing installation, maintenance and repair.

The expert roofers at AKVM are vastly experienced in the installation of crimped, ribbed and standing seam metal roofing panels. Resistant to cracking and shrinking, metal roofing systems can endure extreme weather conditions including rain, hail and wind. Each type of roofing metal has a unique aesthetic character to suit your personal style.

Add Value to Your Home with Metal Roofing

While metal roofing can have a higher upfront cost than three-tab shingles, the roof will last longer, be less susceptible to damage and provide a high-end aesthetic. Over the lifetime of the roof, metal will actually cost less than shingles per year AND can fetch additional funds when you resell the home.

Use our Roofing Calculator to get an approximate estimate of how much a new metal roof can cost for your home. The roofing calculator also calculates the price of shingles and tile roofing. Use it to compare the difference.

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Benefits of Metal Roofing

There are numerous advantages provided by metal roofing. Whether you’re considering metal roofing for your home or your business, there are almost no instances in which metal wouldn’t be a great choice.

Some of the multitude of metal roofing benefits include:

Added Value
The recovered value of metal roofing is roughly 90% when you sell your home, a higher percentage than shingle roofs.

While many metal roofs on commercial buildings can have an industrial look, the same is not necessarily true for residential metal roofing. Homeowners can choose from a wide variety of colors, profiles and textures to best integrate with the home’s overall style.

Metal roofing is extremely strong and stands up remarkably against wind uplift force, impact and deterioration – a perfect choice for Florida homes.

Energy Efficiency
Metal roofs are highly reflective, meaning they reflect the sun’s UV rays away from the roof, helping to reduce the stress on your home’s HVAC system and keeping your interior cooler in the hot summer months. Metal roofing’s energy efficiency could actually help lower your energy bills.

Metal is one of the few roofing materials that are 100% non-combustible for its entire lifespan. This can make the determination of whether or not your home ignites in the event of a stray ember or even a direct lightning strike.

A well-maintained, quality metal roof can last for up to 50 years (or more!), whilst the expected lifespan of three-tab shingles is closer to 20 years.

Metal is one of the most lightweight of all the available roofing materials. While shingles can weigh 150-240 pounds per square, metal roofing typically weighs just 40-90 pounds per square, helpfully reducing the amount of stress on your home’s structure once installed.

Metal roofing is not just 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life, but it’s also typically made with a minimum 25% recycled material. This makes metal roofing a genuinely “green” product that is not likely to end up in a landfill.

Weather Resistant
Metal roofing truly stands up to Florida weather, from the high summer temperatures, humidity and abundant sunshine to hail, wind and water. Not only are metal roofs virtually leak-proof, but they can also withstand hurricane-force winds.

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Metal Roof Installation

Sunshine Metal Supply

AKVM’s expert team of roofers are Sarasota-Manatee’s trusted roofing contractors for their superior workmanship, customer service and extensive knowledge of all things related to roofing. While we work with several manufacturers of metal roofing, we primarily install premium metal roofing products manufactured right here in town at Sunshine Metal Supply, Inc., a trusted wholesale provider of metal roofing supplies for roofing contractors in the local area.

Why We Work With Sunshine Metal Supply

AKVM Supports Local Businesses

As a locally-owned and operated supplier, Sunshine Metal Supply supports local roofers by eliminating the need to travel long distances and/or pay exorbitant delivery fees just to obtain their roofing materials. Longtime Sarasota resident Noah Weiler saw a need and committed to filling that need for local roofing companies by providing high-quality roofing and building materials at affordable wholesale prices – no travel required!

Having enjoyed a mutually-enjoyable professional relationship since Sunshine’s founding in 2015, AKVM and Sunshine are dedicated to bringing quality metal roofing to home- and business owners in the Sarasota-Manatee-Hillsborough area for many more years ahead.

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Types of Metal Roof Installation

The roofers at AKVM can help you choose the best metal roofing option for your specific needs. Our roofers are trained and experienced working with these metal roof installations:

metal roofing company Bradenton

SUNRIB Exposed Fastener Metal Roof Panels

Manufactured and distributed by Sunshine Metal Supply, the SUNRIB panel is popular for its tried-and-true ribbed design and long-lasting superior protection against weather, pests and impact damage. Paired with the Polyglass Polystick TU Max premium underlayment, your metal roof will be virtually impenetrable by water, UV rays and deterioration. The ribbed design and low profile make this panel a great choice for both residential and commercial installations.

metal roofing company Sarasota

SUNLOC Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels

The SUNLOC panel’s smooth, clean aesthetic provides a sleek design element to your home and its hidden fasteners are protected from the stress of constant exposure to outdoor elements such as sun and moisture. Manufactured by Sunshine Metal Supply, SUNLOC 24-gauge steel panels offer extreme weatherproofing without compromising your home’s style. Additionally, both the SUNLOC and the SUNRIB can be coated with Galvalume for additional style, reflectivity and water-tightness.

Bradenton Metal Roofer

5V Crimp Metal Roof Panels

Popular for its aesthetics, strength and durability, 5V crimp roofing panels are an ideal solution for Florida homeowners. In addition to a timeless aesthetic and integral strength, these 24-inch roofing panels are known for their energy efficiency and are Energy Star® rated. Designed with residential use in mind, the exposed fastener application system provides an engineering structure that will protect your home through decades of hurricane seasons.

Metal Roof Maintenance

Metal roofs are durable and extremely long-lasting, but like any other material, they do require a certain amount of care in order to provide quality protection for the full length of their expected useful life.

The preventative maintenance offered by AKVM can help you:

Make your roof last longer
While metal roofing is durable and long-lasting, you can help it stay that way for a longer period of time with preventative maintenance and timely repairs. Your panels, fasteners, and other roof system components will suffer less from exposure to the elements and allow you to catch problems before they become irreversible.

Avoid expensive repairs
When not properly looked after, metal roofs can be susceptible to damages that range from cosmetic to structure-compromising. For example, a particularly violent storm can throw large hailstones, tree branches or other flying objects onto your roof, causing dents, pits or scratches. While these can be purely cosmetic, there’s always a chance that a tear or puncture has opened, leaving the underlying structure vulnerable to water intrusion. To be safe, it’s best to schedule a free inspection with AKVM after any bad storm.

Keep your roof looking good
Proper maintenance can help your metal roof retain its aesthetic value indefinitely. This means enhanced curb appeal as well as potentially higher ROI if and when you resell your home. To care for your investment, make sure not to let dirt and debris accumulate. Most dirt, leaves and stray twigs can be hosed off easily. For tougher dirt or algae, you can create a mixture of mild detergent (car wash soap or dish soap) and plain water and let it sit on the stains for a few minutes, then rinse with plain water.

The important thing to remember is to try to avoid walking on the roof, as this can damage the metal. Furthermore, we recommend utilizing a regular garden hose, as power washing can dent the panels. If you have stubborn rust or algae, consider calling our team for help.

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Metal Roof Repair

While metal roofs are tough and durable, absolutely nothing is 100% impervious. If and when anything does happen to your metal roof, the professional and experienced roofers at AKVM can offer fast roof repair done right.

Any minor roofing problem can quickly become a major issue if left unchecked. This means you risk structural damage to your home, leaks, possible mold issues and more; these can not only add up cost-wise, but can also put your family’s health and safety at risk.

The AKVM team will perform a comprehensive inspection and go over the findings with you so you can make an informed decision regarding your repair options. When it comes to completing the repairs, we’ll ensure that your property is well-protected during the work and entirely cleaned up when we depart. In just a short period of time, your roof will be as good as new!

Some of our repair services include:

  • Recoating
  • Removing rust patches
  • Replacing missing or damaged fasteners
  • Patching punctures, holes or tears
  • Resealing seams

In the event your roof has sustained more serious damage, our team can replace entire sections of the roof.

Our workmanship and materials are warrantied, so be sure to ask your AKVM representative for warranty details.

Need roof repairs? Call Sarasota-Manatee’s trusted full-service roofing company today.

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metal roofing company Sarasota metal roofing company Sarasota

Durability and Long-lasting Protection for your Home

Metal roofing is particularly well suited to the weather conditions experienced by residents in the Sarasota-Manatee-Hillsborough area. Since they resist damage from wind, fire and pests, properly installed and maintained metal roofs can last much longer than their asphalt shingle counterparts.

Because metal roofs are incredibly durable and long-lasting, most manufacturers offer a warranty of 50 years or more. The length and conditions of the warranty vary by manufacturer. Contact AKVM today to discuss your options.

Roofing that Won’t Compromise Style

Metal roofing can add a whole new sense of style to your home, as metal roofing panels are available in several different profiles, colors and textures to complement the look of your home. When you need to replace your old roof, a new metal roof by AKVM will provide you with the added value and beauty that you want for your home.

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