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Most homeowners are faced with replacing a roof once, maybe twice in their lifetime, so it’s unsurprising that they often come to us with a variety of questions related to the repair or replacement of the roof of their home. Compiled here are some of the most frequently-asked questions our roofers get from homeowners.

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I received significantly different estimates from different roofing contractors. How do I decide which is the best?

A good proposal is clearly written, detailed and broken down into separate line items. These things are a good sign that the contractor is being honest and thorough and has provided an accurate estimate. A written estimate should typically include the following line items:

  • The roofing material, manufacturer and color
  • Installation method
  • Removal or replacement of existing roof
  • Scope of work to be done
  • An approximate timeline - start date and projected completion date
  • Payment methods accepted as well as an agreed-upon payment schedule
  • Warranty options and what they cover, as well as the length of the warranties and the cost of each option
  • Materials to be included in the work, such as the underlayment, ice dam protection, flashings, vents, etc.
  • A statement of who will be responsible for any repair or replacement of landscaping or interior finishes that are damaged during the course of the work
  • Items, such as flashing or vents, that will be replaced, reused, or new material is to be added and the type of material will be used.

Be sure to do your research before selecting the roofing contractor by checking the BBB as well as your county’s clerk of court for any past or pending lawsuits. Check that the contractor is licensed and insured. Remember, if a low estimate seems too good to be true, it probably is. Always choose quality over a discounted price.

How long will it take to complete the work on my roof?

The amount of time needed for your roof project will depend on several factors. A full roof replacement can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the weather, the size and shape of your roof, type of roof material and more. What you can count on is that we will provide you with a detailed timeline of work and be transparently communicative if anything delays the project (such as inclement weather).

How long will my new roof last?

Again, it will depend on several factors. The climate, roofing materials, and maintenance will all affect how long your roof will last. On average, metal roofs can last for 50 years or more, while clay tiles are expected to last 20-30 years with proper care and maintenance. Asphalt shingles have a similar life expectancy, depending on how high-end you go.

My roof is leaking. Do I need a total replacement?

Not necessarily. Wetness and leaking can look like a bigger issue than it is. If the leak is new, of a reasonable size and located in an easily accessible spot, there is a good chance that you’ll just need a repair of that portion of the roof. This is not always the case, and depends on the roofing materials and the results of an in-person roof inspection. The best action you can take if you notice a possible roof leak is to call us ASAP so that we can repair the roof before it gets out of hand.

As a homeowner, how can I identify problems in my roof system?

Roof problems are often discovered only after leaks or serious damage become evident. To catch problems before they become serious, semi-annual inspections are crucial. These inspections, performed by a licensed roofer, will expose damaged or missing shingles, loose seams, damaged or deteriorating flashings, excessive accumulation of surface granules in gutters or downspouts or other visible signs that damage is imminent. After examining the roof, the roofer will head indoors to look for cracks or bubbles in your paint, water stains, peeling wallpaper or mold, as they’re recognizable signs of damaged roofing.

What if I suspect damage from a recent wind or hail storm?

If you suspect that a recent storm - or any other event - has damaged your roof, don’t wait to call us. We’ll come out and inspect your roof at no cost to you, and if damage is evident, we’ll provide you with a detailed estimate, answer your questions and help you with the insurance paperwork so we can get your repair or replacement scheduled as soon as possible.

What is included in an industry-standard roof warranty?

Very important to note is that there are different warranties involved in any roofing job. First, there is a manufacturer’s warranty, which will typically cover defects in the manufacturing of the shingle. These warranties can range from twenty years to lifetime. There are caveats to manufacturer’s warranties that you should know to look for, such as non-transferability if you sell your home, or the voiding of the warranty in the event the company is renamed or goes out of business.

The other type of warranty is the warranty provided by the contractor. This will cover the workmanship as it pertains to the installation of the roofing material. Most contractor’s warranties are one or two years in length and should clearly define what is covered and other terms of the warranty. The contractor should be transparent and happy to answer questions regarding the terms of the warranty; an unwillingness to discuss the details should be a red flag.

Is my insurance going to cover the cost to repair or replace my storm-damaged roof?

The answer to this question will vary depending on the circumstances of the damage and your insurance policy. Typically, if your roof sustained a great deal of storm damage, your homeowner’s insurance will cover the roof replacement; in the event that the damage is minor, insurance will typically cover the cost of repairs to the damaged areas. Again, this will vary from home to home and depends on the insurance company and policy.

Why should I choose AKVM for my home’s roof repair or replacement?

Some of the most common reasons homeowners in the Sarasota-Bradenton area choose AKVM when they need any kind of roofing services include:

  • Local, family owned and operated company
  • Licensed and insured
  • BBB-accredited company
  • Industry-leading warranty options
  • GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor
  • Dedicated to excellent workmanship and customer service

Are there any roofing repairs I can DIY?

We highly advise against DIY roofing repairs. Roofing is a dangerous job that must be performed by someone who is thoroughly knowledgeable about the structure of the roof and all its components. One small mistake can result in a total roof failure, which is not insured if you do it yourself. We’re licensed, educated, experienced and insured. Our roofers would rather take on the potential for bodily harm than allow you to put yourself at risk. If you need seasonal maintenance and care for your roof, call us to have it done properly rather than risk damaging the roof or hurting yourself.

How quickly should repair or replacement commence after damage from wind or hail has been identified?

Typically, insurance companies specify a time frame within which a claim must be filed. The claim, once approved, is usually valid for a specific period of time, so it’s best to have the work done as quickly as possible.

Will my insurance also cover components such as gutters in the event that they’re damaged from a storm?

Insurance companies are prepared to cover these expenses. We will look for these items at the time of your inspection and note it with the insurance company, then we will inform the adjuster of any damaged items.

Can I finance my new roof?

Yes, financing is available for new roof installation, repair and upgrades with AKVM through Hearth Financial and YGrene. Ask your AKVM representative for more details about financing.


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