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Did you know:

  • that an attractive, dependable roof can boost your home’s value and return almost 72% of your investment when you’re ready to sell?
  • that the right roofing materials can reflect light and heat and actually lower your cooling costs?
  • that having your roof inspected by a professional can mean the difference between replacing your entire roof and having only minimal repairs done?

When you need a Sarasota roofer, choose AKVM, a licensed contractor dedicated to installing and repairing roofs in Sarasota, Florida. AKVM is committed to excellence, quality, and above-par results on every project.

We’ve been working in Sarasota and its environs since 2006. We appreciate the charms of Florida’s central west coast, and we also understand its challenges: unrelenting heat and humidity, intense downpours, and devastating hurricanes. All of our installers are trained in proper roofing techniques and Florida building codes so you can rest assured that your roof meets all standards for wind resistance and adequate drainage.

We install shingles made by a number of different manufacturers so we can select the product best suited to your home, situation and budget.

  • Owens Corning

At AKVM, we treat you and your property with respect. Before we start working on your roof, we cover plants and bushes to protect them from equipment and debris. We clean up the jobsite at the end of every day. When we’re done repairing or installing your roof, we sweep your yard, driveway, and walkways with a powerful magnet to pick up all nails and other metal pieces.

Choose a Sarasota residential roofer or Sarasota commercial roofer who stands apart from his competitors, and experience the AKVM difference for these services:

  • Roof Inspections
  • New Roof Installation
  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Replacement

Schedule an annual roof inspection.

We recommend that all homeowners schedule an annual roof inspection. Even if your roof appears to be sound and you’re not having any issues, an inspection by a trained professional can reveal problems not apparent to an untrained eye and avert potential disaster. It’s easier and less costly to repair a minor problem now than replace your entire roof later. Here are some issues you may encounter with your roof.


Water that remains on a roof longer than 48 hours after a rainfall is defined as ponding water. Even flat roofs are designed with a slight slope to allow water runoff. Ponding water can severely impact the structural integrity of the roof deck, damage the roof membrane underneath shingles, cause algae and vegetation to grow, and cause dirt and contaminants to collect on the roof.


Leaks are, of course, an issue that should be addressed as soon as possible. A leak will rarely resolve itself. Leaks may be caused by the improper installation of flashing, the improper sealing of gaskets around vent pipes, shingles inadequate for the roof pitch, or the buildup of organic debris (such as leaves) on the roof and in gutters.

Missing Shingles

Even one shingle missing from your roof can cause a leak if it was located over a seam. You may not be able to see gaps in shingles from the ground, so it’s a good idea to have that annual inspection by a professional roofer.  


Venitiation and underlayment play a key role in the life of your roof. Poorly ventilated roofs and moisture trapped in shingles themselves can cause the blistering of asphalt shingles. Over time, shingles that blister can lose their granules, becoming more exposed to intense UV light from the sun and losing their integrity.

AKVM, the Sarasota roofer trained to inspect all types of roofs for leaks, damage, and inadequate drainage.

If you are in need of a new roof or roof repair, call us today at (941) 727-3996.
Your peace of mind is worth it.

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What is a roofing square?

A roofing square isn’t the same as a square foot. It’s actually a term used by roofers for 100 square feet of roof surface. One bundle of asphalt shingles typically covers 1/3 of a roofing square.

Even if you know the square footage of your home, both under and not under air conditioning, that number doesn’t account for the area covered by your roof. A typical house has a 2-foot roof overhang, and the pitch of the roof tacks on even more footage.

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