Solar Panels

When you make the decision to install solar panels on your residential or light commercial property, give AKVM a call. We offer a free consultation to assess your energy needs and to determine whether solar panel installation is right for you. Our team of experienced professionals will then design and install a custom solar panel system that meets your specific needs. We also offer a variety of financing options to make solar panel installation more affordable.

What Types of Roofs Support Solar Panels?

Solar panels can be installed on many different types of roofs. If you're looking for a way to go green and save money, installing solar panels on your roof is a great option.

solar panel asphalt roof

Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Asphalt roofs are a common type of roof, and they can be an excellent location for solar panels. Asphalt provides a smooth, level mounting surface, which makes it simpler to install solar panels than on more uneven surfaces. In addition, asphalt roofs are typically dark, which helps to absorb heat and increases the effectiveness of the solar panels. Solar panels can be an excellent way to generate renewable energy, and asphalt shingles can provide an ideal surface for them.

solar panel metal roof

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are sturdy and weather-proof, withstanding even the harshest elements. They're also easy to work with, so installing solar panels is a relatively simple process. One option is to use special clamps that attach the panels directly to the metal. Another option is to use rails, which are mounted on the roof and then the panels are attached to the rails. Starting with a metal roof can boost the efficiency of your solar panel system, as metal is highly reflective.

solar panel tile roof

Tile Roofs

Although most solar panels are installed on shingle or metal roofs, they can also be installed on flat-tile roofs. In fact, tile roofs offer several advantages for solar panel installation. First, the smooth surface of tiles provides a stable foundation for the panels. Second, tiles are highly durable and weather-resistant, meaning that they can withstand the elements without deteriorating over time. Third, the height of tile roofs often gives solar panel installers a better vantage point for connecting the panels to the electrical system. As a result, installing solar panels on a tile roof can be a wise choice for homeowners.

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