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How To Choose A Commercial Roofer

Published: 03/01/2021

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If you own or manage a commercial property, you’ve undoubtedly found that it can be difficult to choose the right contractor for any type of building improvement project. There are many choices, and you never know if the commercial roofing contractor you choose will end up being the best fit for your property needs.

AKVM is confident that our team can serve the needs of most, if not all, of the commercial property owners who seek out commercial roofing services. That’s why we invite you to take a look around before deciding on which contractor you’ll ultimately hire to install your new roof.

Finding a Roofer

Here are some ways to find a reputable roofing contractor who can provide roofing solutions that meet your needs while providing exceptional service and professionalism:

Referrals: Typically the first avenue taken when seeking services of any type, referrals are considered trusted when they come from a network of family members, friends or colleagues who will give their honest opinion on the services they’ve received from a company.

Better Business Bureau: Long-considered the standard for trustworthy business recommendations, the BBB provides ratings of roofing companies based on the reviews left by customers. Since the BBB is a nonprofit organization, its resolutions, recommendations and accreditations are universally accepted across the US marketplace.

Directories: Most commercial roofing manufacturers such as Firestone, Johns Manville and GAF have directories on their websites where customers can find manufacturer-certified installers. These contractors have met the manufacturer’s requirements for certification and typically must renew their certification periodically.

Questions to Ask Commercial Roofing Contractors

When you’ve found a few contractors who you think could fit your needs, it’s a good idea to meet with each firm’s representative to ask questions regarding their company policies for safety, customer service, licensing and any other questions you might have. Here are a few important topics you might consider asking about:

Licensing: A contractor’s license is typically required by the state before a company is allowed to perform any type of construction work, including roofing. These state licensing agencies typically list certain education requirements to be fulfilled prior to the license being issued.

Insurance and bonding: Most states require contractors, again, including roofers, to carry insurance and bonding. Typically, the minimum required insurance coverage includes general liability, automobile and workers' compensation. These policies protect the business owner’s interests in the event that damages occur during the course of a roofing job.

Experience: Make sure that the roofing company is experienced working with the types of roofing materials needed to complete the job, as well as the proper tear-off and installation methods to ensure you’re getting the best quality roofing that will last a long time. If the roofer is manufacturer-certified, they’ve been properly trained to work with the roofing material without issue and in a way that will ensure your warranty remains intact for the full term of coverage.

References: The company should have at least one or two prior customers with commercial roofing systems similar to yours who would be willing to provide honest testimonials. Reach out to the references to ensure that they had a good experience and that they love their roofs.

Warranties: You should know before entering into a contract what the company’s warranties entail. Most contractors offer limited warranties on products (which are more fully covered by manufacturer warranties) and one- to three-year warranties on workmanship. Basically, if your roof fails due to manufacturing defects or improper roofing installation, your warranties should cover the costs of repairing the problem.

roofing manufacturer designations

Manufacturer Designations

As stated above, many manufacturers provide certification to commercial roofing contractors who meet the requirements to become qualified to install their products. While each manufacturer's program may have varied requirements, each typically ensures that the contractor carries the proper license, bonding and insurance before they issue the certification. Some even do credit checks, consult the BBB, and reach out to references to verify they’re an upstanding company.

Why is a manufacturer certification important? Proper and thorough training is always important, so manufacturers provide their certified installers with the latest information and training materials for their products, installation methods and repair techniques. Similarly to the certification process, manufacturer training is unique to the products and materials offered by the manufacturer. For example, AKVM is a GAF-certified installer, meaning that our roofing specialists have met and continue to meet the requirements set forth by the manufacturer to carry this designation. We undergo continuous training and education, as well as an annual review process to make sure our license is current, our insurance coverage is adequate and our professional reputation remains stellar. It’s important to note that only about 3% of roofing firms qualify for GAF certification.

AKVM guarantees your satisfaction with our workmanship, whether it’s a roofing repair, roof restoration, re-roof or installation of an all-new roofing system.

As your trusted Sarasota-Manatee roofing contractor, we strive to present you with only the best solutions to your roofing needs.

Questions? Call AKVM today at (941) 727-3996 for a roof insepction and free roofing estimate for your commerical roof.

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