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New Roof Installation

Steps to Installing a New Shingle Asphalt Roof

AKVM’s roofing experts are well known throughout the Florida Suncoast for providing superior roofing services at affordable prices. Our highly trained team will expertly remove your existing roof and replace it with high quality materials that are built to last.

Our roofing team follows a precise set of steps to ensure that your roof is installed correctly and your manufacturer’s warranty is valid. As an Owens Corning preferred contractor, we are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional roofing experience.

Step 1 - Tear off roof & protect property

Each new roofing project begins with protecting your property. We carefully cover nearby shrubs and landscaping with tarps to ensure that roof debris does not cause damage or linger in hard-to-reach places. We ensure that we keep your old roofing material carefully contained with an Equipter, a hydraulic dumpster that raises up to the level of the roof. This specialized equipment allows our roofing experts to quickly and easily toss old roofing material directly into the dumpster instead of allowing it to flutter down to ground level, which would cause the material to scatter and be time-consuming and difficult to recover. Our approach makes cleanup quick and easy.

After your property is protected and the Equipter dumpster is in place, our team tears off your existing roof and disposes of the debris in the Equipter.

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Step 2 – Remove / replace rotted sheathing

After the shingles are removed, our team of experts carefully examines the exposed sheathing to see if there is damage that needs to be repaired. It is extremely common for parts of the existing sheathing to be water damaged. At this time, we remove and replace the damaged sheathing with new, fresh sheathing to provide a solid foundation for your new roof.

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Step 3 – Install the drip edge

Drip edges help protect the roof by ensuring proper water shedding and preventing horizontal rain from intruding into the roof system during rainstorms. The drip edge will be installed 4” on center per local regulations and manufacturer specifications.

roof installation water proofing

Step 4 – Install the underlayment

AKVM uses Owens Corning’s premier WeatherLock Mat peel and stick waterproofing barrier. This material is self-sealing and has a much better bonding ratio than the old-style felt that was common in older roofing applications. If strong winds cause shingles to fly off the roof in a hurricane, WeatherLock Mat’s superior performance helps guard against water damage. Don’t forget to contact your insurance company after installation; the Owens Corning WeatherLock Mat bonds directly to the deck and should qualify for an insurance discount.

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Step 5 - Install the starter strip

To properly seal the roofing system, we will install an adhesive starter strip. The continuous adhesive on the back of the strip creates a very effective seal designed to defend your home against water intrusion.

roof installation drip edge

Step 6 – Seal all vent and pipe penetrations

All roofs have penetrations that allow air to pass through the roof into interior spaces. Reasons for this include sewer ventilation, curve vents to ventilate bathrooms or kitchen ranges, and more. Each vent will be sealed with a large bead of roofing cement to ensure that no water will penetrate between the shingle and the underlayment.

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Step 7 – Apply the shingles

Our experienced roofing team will carefully install your chosen roofing shingles. AKVM is an Owens Corning preferred contractor and will ensure that the installation method completely adheres to Owens Corning’s strict guidelines. This ensures that your roof will be fully covered by Owen’s Corning’s industry leading warranty.

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Step 8 – Inspect and clean up

After your new roof has been installed and inspected, our team will remove old roofing material, nails and other stray items. We will clean your gutters to remove any debris that may have fallen during the roofing process. Landscaping will be uncovered, and we will run a high-powered, professional magnet over your yard, landscaping and driveway. Nails and other metal debris are notoriously difficult to spot, even on flat surfaces like a concrete driveway. Our industrial strength magnet allows our team to ensure that there are no stray roofing nails or metal hidden out of sight.

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