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Insurance Restoration Roofers

In Sarasota, Bradenton & Tampa

Published: 08/20/2021

insurance restoration roofing in Sarasota and Bradenton

Insurance Restoration Roofing

In Sarasota, Bradenton & Tampa

Homeowners in the coastal regions of Florida are quite aware of the potential for damaging storms, especially in the summer months, when hurricanes are common.

When your Florida home’s roof has been damaged by a recent storm – whether the damage includes missing shingles, wind uplift, water damage, or fractures caused by hail or falling storm debris – AKVM’s trusted roofing experts are able to provide you with the roof restoration to bring your roof back to its pre-storm condition.

Our licensed claims adjusters speak the languages of both roofing and insurance, so we can help you understand and navigate the process of filing an insurance claim with your homeowners insurance company so your home can get back to normal quickly.

What is Insurance Restoration Roofing?

Insurance restoration roofing is the repair of roof damage resulting from a storm or other covered event, typically paid for by the homeowner's insurance policy.

When a homeowner calls us for storm restoration work, the process typically follows this sequence of steps:

    1. Inspection
  • Thorough inspection of the roof performed by a licensed, experienced roofer. This is important because a trained professional can often detect “hidden” damage typically unable to be seen by an untrained eye.
  • 2. Subject to Agreement
  • After inspecting the roof, your AKVM roofer will go over their findings with you. If there is enough damage to make an insurance claim, the roofer will also explain the process of insurance restoration. At this point, you’ll receive a form called “Subject To Agreement,” which states the only cost to you for the approved repairs is the insurance deductible (paid directly to the insurance company). We must have this form signed before we can speak with your insurance company’s adjuster.
  • 3. File a Claim
  • Please note that under Florida law, you, the homeowner, are the only person who can file an insurance claim for your property. Don’t worry, though – all you need to do is call your insurance company and let them know you want to file a claim. They’ll assign a claim number to you. You may also let them know that you already have a roofer and that you’d like the insurance company’s adjuster to meet with the roofer’s adjuster when they come out to inspect your roof. This will save time and allow us to restore your roof quickly.
  • 4. Scope of Work
  • Once your claim has officially been filed, your AKVM adjuster will come back to your home to go over a complete scope of work with you. This is simply an itemized list of any and all damages to be repaired.
  • 5. Meet the Adjuster
  • Your AKVM adjuster will meet with your insurance adjuster to review all damages that were found. When the scope of work is agreed upon, it’s entered into a claims estimating software called Xactimate, which will produce a line-by-line price sheet for your repairs. Upon approval from your insurance company, the field adjuster will be allowed to write you a check for the Actual Cash Value (ACV) for your claim. At the same time, you’ll write your own check to the insurance company for the deductible.
  • 6. Choose & Order Materials
  • Now, you’ll sit with your roofer to review your roofing material options. Once you’ve chosen your materials, we’ll create the necessary work and materials orders; upon delivery of materials, you will give the roofing company the check given to you by your insurance company and the actual roofing work will commence.
  • 7. Construction & Wrap-up
  • We’ll get to work tearing off old material and installing your new roofing. When the work is finished, we’ll again go over the inspection list with you to ensure that everything was completed and that you’re satisfied with our work. Meanwhile, our roofers will make sure that your property is cleaned up so that all traces of our presence are gone.
  • 8. Warranty
  • Once the final invoice is paid, we’ll send over your warranty paperwork. This will include our workmanship warranty as well as your materials manufacturer warranty.

The process outlined above is typical; most legit roofing companies will follow the same steps with little variation. With this in mind, be aware that there are unscrupulous folks looking for naive or vulnerable homeowners to hoodwink who will not follow these standard steps.


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Storm Chaser Awareness Checklist

Roofers or other contractors who seek out homeowners after a storm should be treated with wariness. Here are some obvious red flags to be aware of in order to identify and avoid storm chasers.

  1. If a roofer comes to you, rather than vice versa, do not sign anything or pay anyone. Legitimate roofers tend to be rather busy after every storm, so they will not have the extra time or inclination to knock on doors looking for business. Furthermore, if someone knocks on your door offering a “free” roof inspection, be very careful. Many scammers will go onto your roof and “inspect” it while adding deliberate damage for the purpose of inflating their price quote.
  2. Roofers in Florida must be insured and licensed by the state to perform their trade. If a roofer approaches you and is hesitant to provide you with their licensing and insurance information, do not proceed. In fact, check to see if the contractor is affiliated with any local, regional or national industry associations as well as their standing with the BBB.
  3. Work with your insurance company. Don’t let a so-called contractor pressure you to rush into a contract; legitimate roofing companies know how the insurance restoration process works and will not ask you to bypass your insurance adjuster.
  4. Never, ever sign an AOB. Utilization of Assignment of Benefits (AOB) forms is illegal in Florida, but some scammers bank on the fact that not everyone knows the process well. They’ll try to get you to sign the form, which would allow them to interface with your insurance company and collect funds on your behalf – again, this is ILLEGAL in the state of Florida.
  5. Get everything in writing. Do not allow work to begin on your home without a signed contract. The contract should outline the scope of work, costs, schedules, payment terms, warranty/guarantee information and any other pertinent information.
  6. Do not pay in cash. Create a paper trail by using a credit card or a check to pay for your repairs. Ideally, your insurance company will provide the funds to pay for the entire scope of work, but if you do pay for any out-of-pocket expenses, you want to be able to prove it later, if need be.

Armed with this information, it will be much harder for scammers to take advantage of you. Most Florida roofs are designed and installed to withstand rather severe weather conditions, but if you suspect or see signs of leaking or damages, call your insurance company first, then call AKVM for honest, professional roofing services with a focus on exceeding your expectations and protecting your home for years to come.

Gulf Coast Florida’s Insurance Restoration Specialists

AKVM’s roofers are trained and dedicated to your satisfaction, local building codes and the most effective roofing methods. Our roofers offer the following qualities:

  • Knowledge of insurance language. We understand how to interact with both you and your insurance adjuster to ensure that everything is clearly communicated. Our licensed adjusters can help you with the necessary paperwork so that the process goes smoothly and does not encounter remedial steps along the way.
  • Ability and willingness to advocate on your behalf. If there happen to be differences between our damage assessment and the insurance adjuster’s, we will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.
  • Impeccable record-keeping. We’ll keep thorough records of your roof damage inspection through cloud-based estimation software that allows us to collect and organize notes, data, photos and other important information related to your roof. Having this information easily accessible lets us share it in real time with your insurance company in the event they question any of the facts.
  • Roof repair & replacement expertise. We use the most effective methods and premium products to ensure your roof is durable, safe and aesthetically what you want. Our reputable team is GAF-certified as well as Owens Corning-preferred for the exceptional installation of their products.

As a licensed general contractor and reputable roofing contractor in Sarasota and Manatee Counties, AKVM is equipped with the knowledge, equipment and experience to repair any damage your roof has sustained from one of Florida’s abundant seasonal storms.

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