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New Roof Tech: GAF Solar Energy Shingles

Published: 11/17/23

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With the price of energy higher than it’s ever been, many homeowners are looking for ways to save on their monthly utility bills. Sure, turning off the lights helps a little, but in Florida, the biggest energy suck in most homes is by far the AC system. To help offset today’s sky-high energy costs, a lot of homeowners in Florida are choosing to have rooftop solar installed on their homes.

The options for solar are no longer limited to bulky panels that compromise not only a home’s curb appeal but also its roofing structure, as panels require mounting brackets to be installed by drilling deep into the roof. There are several choices available today, and as roofing experts, we’ve identified a clearly superior option: solar shingles.

What are Solar Shingles?

Solar Energy Shingles (ES) are exclusively designed and manufactured by GAF Energy, an energy-focused subsidiary of the roofing manufacturing giant. These lightweight, nailable panels are thin and flexible, designed to blend in with the roofing shingles, and are installed just like regular shingles, meaning no brackets and no huge bolts drilled through the roof deck. They look sleek and delicate, but these ES are tough enough to walk on AND they are completely waterproof, shedding rainwater as effectively as normal roofing shingles.

New Roof Technology

The Roofer’s Choice

The development of Timberline Solar™ by GAF Energy marks a significant milestone in the evolution of rooftop solar. This solar shingle roofing system not only contributes to a home's curb appeal but also generates clean energy, providing a roof that pays for itself over time. Keep reading to learn more about the features and benefits of Timberline Solar™ Energy Shingles.

Power + Aesthetics

Timberline Solar™ provides both aesthetics and performance. The hybrid solar shingles are integrated into the roofing system, providing the sleek curb appeal that panels cannot compete with. Not only do they look great but they also produce clean energy to power your home while offering superior water-shedding capabilities to protect it.

Made in the USA

GAF Energy designs and assembles its Timberline Solar™ Energy Shingle roofing systems in the United States. As of this writing, the system is available in select US states (including Florida), though the manufacturer has ambitious expansion plans that will enable homeowners across the country to enjoy this clean energy option.


A Timberline Solar™ roof generates electricity at a lower cost than the utility company, so by producing and using your own electricity, you can reduce your energy bills by a significant amount. If your Energy Shingles produce more power than your home consumes, you may even be able to sell the surplus energy back to the grid. Plus, there are state and federal tax incentives available for which a Timberline Solar™ roof system qualifies.

Quality = Assured

Timberline Solar™ is certified by key testing agencies like UL, ensuring it meets the highest industry standards. By working with GAF-certified roofers like AKVM, you benefit from roofing expertise that’s backed by an industry-leading warranty.

One Project

Timberline Solar™ Energy Shingles are meant to be installed with a new roof, meaning you get a new roof plus solar in essentially half the time. This means less disruption to your day-to-day life and cost savings from the reduced labor needed to complete a single project rather than two separate ones.

Weigh Your Options

Timberline Solar™ stands out among the available solar options with its superior aesthetics, high energy efficiency, and seamless integration with traditional roofing materials. Not only is it durable and weather-resistant but also easy to install, which ultimately reduces labor costs – savings that are passed to you, the homeowner. Furthermore, the system is compatible with battery storage systems, so you always have energy when you need it.

Have questions about your solar options?

We can help! AKVM is one of the few roofing teams in Florida certified by GAF to install their solar products. To achieve and retain this certification, we’ve met and continue to meet stringent requirements set forth by GAF, providing the assurance homeowners need to be sure they’re choosing a skilled team to complete their roofing and solar installation projects.

Contact AKVM Roofing at 941-727-3996 to schedule your free consultation and estimate. We can help answer your questions about financing, scheduling and so much more.


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