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What to do if Your Roof Begins Leaking During a Storm

Published: 8/9/2022

roof leaking during a storm

Floridians are no stranger to storms. But even the best of us can be caught off guard when the outside downpour starts to come through our ceilings!

Having a leak start in the middle of a storm is a stressful event, and it can wreak havoc quickly if you don’t know how to respond. We’re offering our best tips so that you can keep your home dry and contain the damage.

Move Everything Out of the Way

If you’re lucky, the leak will have opened over a tile floor with no objects beneath or around it. But most of us aren’t that fortunate.

Chances are that your leak will be right over rugs, furnishings, or other materials and belongings that can easily be ruined by water. All of these items should be moved from the area immediately.

If you have carpet or other objects you can’t readily move, make an effort to protect them from the water. A tarp, plastic sheeting, a shower curtain, or even large trash bags can be laid down to create a protective layer. If you have buckets or large pots, these can be placed directly beneath the leak to catch the dripping water.

Pull Out the Roofing Seal

At this point, you don’t need to worry about coming up with a permanent solution. You just need to close up the hole quickly to prevent more water from coming in. Roofing tape or liquid sealants like “Flex Seal” and “Gorilla” are the best impromptu fix. They’re readily available at most hardware stores and are fairly inexpensive. We recommend picking some up when you’re anticipating a big storm to come in, that way you can have it handy and not need to drive during bad weather.

Roofing tapes, tars, and sealant sprays create an extra strong seal that is meant to be applied over the damaged area that is creating the leak. In the middle of a storm, it’s not safe to go onto your rooftop, so you’ll need to locate the leak source through the attic. These seals can be applied to the ceiling of your attic directly, which should stop the water from entering the interior of your home.

Contact a Professional Repair Team ASAP

The sealant you applied will keep your interior dry for a time, but your rooftop exterior and decking is still vulnerable. You’ll need to contact professional roofers to schedule them for immediate repairs after the storm has passed.

If you don’t fix the outer portion of the leak before the next rainfall, your roof could begin to rot and degrade further. It may even open up the seal you placed, or create a new leak altogether. The more water damage your roof accrues, the weaker it will be. It will also be much more costly to repair.

Get Help with Your Roof Leak Now

AKVM has been helping Sarasota and Bradenton residents fix their roofing problems since 2006. We’re able to respond to your leak quickly and effectively, mitigating damage and giving you ultimate peace of mind. Our experts will happily provide a free inspection to check for other problems that may have been caused during the storm, and give an honest assessment of your roof conditions. Contact us today to schedule a visit from our team.


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