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Need a New Roof? You May Be Better Off Repairing Your Existing Roof

Published: 8/1/2022

Roof Repair vs. Replace

Rooftops here in Sarasota and Bradenton sure take a walloping. Between the heat, humidity, and violent weather, many roofs can quickly look like they’re due for replacement. This can be a point of panic for many homeowners, since installing a whole new roof is no small investment.

Luckily, there are many circumstances in which you might not need a complete overhaul. In this post, we review some of the conditions which would favor roof repair vs. roof replacement.

Minor Damage

Sometimes the damage done to a roof can look a lot worse than it really is. This is especially true here in South Florida, where our storms can quickly strip shingles and have your roof looking like it’s been through… well, a hurricane!

Fortunately, a little cosmetic damage isn’t cause for alarm. Some missing shingles or tiles can be easily replaced with just a bit of work. But take care to get the repair done ASAP: leaving sections of your roof decking (the part covered by the shingles) for too long can result in further damage that will take a lot more effort to resolve.

Localized Damage

Of course, not all of us are so lucky to only see minor damage. Storm winds can easily inflict a great deal of damage that will require some serious work. In such cases, when considering whether to repair or replace your roof, it’s important to note where most of the damage is located. Is it spread out evenly over the entire roof’s surface, or is it mainly concentrated in one area?

If it’s the latter, you probably don’t need a full replacement. A targeted repair can be sufficient for remediating the affected spot and returning your roof to good condition.

Remaining Lifespan

Incurring damage can be very frustrating when your roof hasn’t yet reached the end of its lifespan. While cheaper asphalt roofs may naturally expire in just 10 years under harsh conditions, there are plenty of higher quality rooftops that should last for several decades.

If your roof still had many years left, you’ll want to carefully evaluate whether or not it’s salvageable. Chances are, it still has the potential to serve out the rest of its lifespan if the right repairs are performed. You’ll be able to prevent early replacement, saving yourself unnecessary expense.

Cost Concerns

Many residents will opt for a roof repair over a full replacement when money is tight. Repairs are generally less expensive, and can usually tide you over until you can afford a new installation. On average, minor roof repairs can amount to only a few hundred dollars, while major repairs can cost several thousand.

However, it’s not uncommon for even repair costs to be bigger than homeowners can afford. And sometimes, damage is so extensive that there’s no choice but to replace your rooftop. If you find yourself in one of these situations, there’s fortunately a way to cover the expenses.

A good contractor will have an established process for helping you secure financing. At AKVM, we have built partnerships with Hearth and Ygrene, giving our customers options that preserve their credit and even make it possible to avoid a down payment.

We’re happy to give you a free inspection and estimate. Our experts will recommend the right solution for your roof and budget, with 100% honesty about the extent of work that’s necessary. It’s thanks to the integrity of our practices that AKVM has become one of Sarasota and Bradenton’s most trusted roofing contractors. Contact us today to learn what your options are and schedule an appointment.


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