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How to Prepare Your Roof for spring

Published: 03/27/2023

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There's a fair chance you're wondering how to prepare your roof for the upcoming season. We've got something interesting to show you today if that's so. You might already know this, but there are certain roof-related things you'll need to take care of before or right after spring arrives in your neighborhood. In the article below, learn how to prepare your roof for spring.

1. Deal with the gutters

During wintertime, gutters tend to get stuffed with plenty of debris (twigs, leaves, etc.), dirt, or, in the case of our northern neighbors, chunks of ice. Once they clog up, they become inefficient at letting the water run from the roof to the ground. Subsequently, this will result in standing water left on your roof, something which can, as you might assume, lead to all kinds of problems. Also, once spring comes and goes, all the surrounding flowers and fruit blossoming and falling on your roof can create a backup of water flow. Pay attention to the trees near your home; you’ll want to make sure they're not the ones filling up your gutters. If you notice damage on your gutters after the winter, it might be time to contact professionals for gutter repair or replacement.

2. Have a professional take a look at it

As soon as winter's gone, you should reach out to experts to take a look at your roof. The pro will thoroughly examine your roof and scan it for potential issues. It's essential to fix whatever they find, because those minor problems will probably turn into major ones when hurricane season arrives in Florida. Also, hiring inspectors to check the roof every once in a while is something most homeowners will want to do in order to guarantee they don't stumble upon surprise puddles in their living quarters.

3. Afraid of the attic?

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Even if you are afraid of the attic, it's best to check it for water or daylight intrusion. Doing this every now and then will help you spot issues as soon as they come up. Check for damp beams, dripping water, or patches of standing water; all of these are clear symptoms that something is wrong with your roof. Since water runs downhill, don't forget to pay attention to the roof's peak once you start looking for leaks. You'll also want to search for and remove any patches of mold inside your home. As you might already know, they're usually caused by moisture buildup.

A quick springtime-related digression

This might not be a how-to-prepare-your-roof-for-spring kind of tip, but it's nevertheless critical. Since springtime in Florida offers the perfect backdrop for various activities, including the bustling chore of relocating to a new home, many people choose this season to embark on their moving journeys. This is also the season when most homes are sold and bought. If you're preparing to move to Orlando or any other Florida city, make sure to start planning ahead. First of all, make a schedule and do an inventory of your home. Obtain all the right moving supplies and start packing, or hire pros to do it. The key takeaway? Starting early ensures a smooth transition to your new abode amidst Florida's springtime allure.

And if you are selling your home, deal with all the roof issues. You will have a hard time selling if there are severe roof problems in your home. A roof inspection is one of the critical points of your "prepare your house for sale" checklist.

Also, if you find issues with your roof, and you want to keep your home, you may need to move out temporarily. Spring is the best time to handle roof repairs, so if you have to do it, it’s great that you are doing it now.

4. Got any animal nests?

You'll want to know that springtime is also the time of the year when animals like to come from their winter break and make nests wherever they see fit (most of the time, it's your roof). Some of these animals can cause a great deal of damage to your roof through fun little activities such as digging, chewing, burrowing, and above all, creating a fine mess. That's why it's essential to clear out any nests before your little nosy neighbors lay eggs or have babies rooming on your roof. As you know, animals can become dangerous when trying to protect their young, and you might have a hard time removing them from your roof. You'll probably step one foot too far into a sentimental mood once you see their babies and ignore any potential damage they might cause.

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5. Where are the documents?

If you notice a leak somewhere on your roof, try not to panic. Gather all the necessary warranty information and insurance documents in one place. You'll need to ensure you're protected against these kinds of issues and know who to contact to handle the repair.  

6. It's fixing time

Lastly, you'll want to make sure all the downspouts and gutters are properly attached and in good repair. Also, replace any missing shingles or tiles you might stumble upon. The things you don't think you can fix in a DIY manner require you to call a professional. It's not a waste of money, as some would say; it's a good investment since it will probably save you a lot of money in the long run.

Prepare your roof for spring and enjoy the sunshine

Now you know how to prepare your roof for spring! Don't postpone anything. Deal with the issues head-on and enjoy the glorious weather that awaits.

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