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Five Signs it's Time to Replace Your Front Door

Published: 12/19/22

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Though it’s the first thing we see when arriving home, we may not give much thought to our front door until it becomes a problem. The trouble with that is that by the time issues arise, the situation may call for your door to be entirely replaced. Below, we go over the top 5 signs it’s time to upgrade your front door.


1. The Design Clashes with Your Exterior

A lack of visual appeal is plenty of reason to change your front door. Curb appeal matters a lot for your enjoyment of your home, as well as its market value. In fact, replacement can generate an ROI of 75% when you sell. So if your front door is dragging down the exterior’s style, it’s definitely worth investing in a nicer one. You’ll get a chance to choose better materials, and a design that complements your home’s paint and trim coloring.

2. Moisture has Penetrated Your Glass Panels

Doors that have glass panes can succumb to moisture more quickly than their solid counterparts. This is because the seal of double-paned glass inserts can degrade over time, eventually allowing moisture to enter. Once this condensation accrues, it has a hard time escaping. This extra humidity can begin to affect the surrounding wood or metal, causing mold, rot, or corrosion. In this scenario, it’s usually much easier to replace the door rather than attempt a repair.

3. Big Gaps Leave Room for Drafts

If your door wasn’t appropriately sized at the time of installation, you may have wide gaps surrounding its edges. This leaves a lot of room open for outside air to pass through. When this happens, you can count on losing a lot of your interior cooling or heating. It’s true that gaps can be remedied with weatherstripping. However, these additions are band-aid solutions that will never be as effective as installing a properly fitted and insulated door. We recommend using this as a temporary solution while you wait for the right time to buy a new front door.

4. Your Energy Bills Remain High

Excess space in the frame isn’t the only way your front door could be affecting your heating and cooling needs. If you’ve made upgrades to the weatherstripping and you keep getting a bloated utility bill, your front door may still be the culprit. Many cheaper models have poor insulation quality due to lower-end materials, and vintage pieces may use single-pane glass. Upgrading to a modern door with a more robust construction can help you finally stop the heat and cooling losses.

5. The Structure is Cracked or Warped

Wooden doors are especially susceptible to weather variations. Between the heat and humidity of summer, and the wet, freezing conditions of winter, your door can shrink and swell many times in just one cycle of seasons. 

This can cause cracking and warping, which not only diminishes your door’s strength, but can also cause your door to jam more easily. Such a problem requires a lot more labor to repair than to simply replace.

Get Professional Door Repairs & Replacements with AKVM

If you feel like your front door is nearing its expiration date, it’s time to call in the experts. At AKVM, we have specialists who can determine whether a repair or replacement is in order. They’ll be able to come out to your home and provide the proper recommendation. We perform our installation and repair services fast, ensuring that you get your home’s entry back in working order ASAP. 

We provide free inspections and estimates, giving you a chance to obtain an informed recommendation and quote without any risk. Contact us today to schedule your inspection and get a free estimate.