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Should You Replace Your Gutters When You Replace Your Roof?

Published: 02/20/2023

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Re-roofing your home is a big undertaking, which is why you’re likely putting in a lot of research to make sure it gets done right. Part of ensuring the project is successful is accounting for all of the details before work begins. This leads to questions of what supporting structures may need to be upgraded alongside the roof.

One of these key features is the gutters, which attach to your roof’s edges. In this post, we’ll review all of the information you need to decide whether or not you should replace your gutters with your roof.

Do I Need to Replace My Gutters with My Roof?

No, it is not a necessity. Since gutters only connect to the roof’s edge, they can be left on during the roof replacement process. However, many homeowners do choose to upgrade their gutters at the same time.

Most gutter systems last about 20 years, which is generally the same amount of time as an asphalt shingle rooftop. Therefore, if they were installed at the same time, it makes sense to replace both when they reach the end of their lifespans. This will save you on labor costs, since both jobs can be done at once.

However, if you have a roof that has a much longer lifespan, or your gutters needed earlier replacement due to damage, then the life left in your gutters may not match up. You’ll need to consider the condition of your gutters and their remaining usefulness before deciding to upgrade along with your rooftop.

Roof Damage Can be a Red Flag for Gutter Replacement

If you’re replacing your roof a bit earlier than expected, this could be a reflection on the state of your gutters. Since gutters are responsible for washing water and debris off of the rooftop, untimely roof damage could indicate that they aren’t doing their job effectively. This may be due to a lack of cleaning, storm damage, or even faulty installation.

A roof inspection should be able to identify problems with your gutters. If it looks like there’s a consistent backup of water and debris that routine maintenance won’t cure, you’ll likely need to replace your gutter system with one that is more effective.

Signs Your Gutters Need Replacing

Not sure if your gutters are due for a switch-out? Here are a few top signs to look for.

  • Pooling water or mud around your home’s perimeter
  • Foundation cracks, slumping, or upheaval
  • Uneven flooring and walls, resulting in stuck windows or doors
  • Humidity, condensation, mold, or full-on flooding in the basement
  • Frequent gutter clogs despite routine cleaning
  • Drooping, cracked, tilted, disconnected, or missing gutter lines or downspouts

Here in South Florida, our gutters take a real beating. It’s not uncommon for our tropical storms to cause significant damage to gutters before they reach a ripe old age. That’s why it’s recommended that you inspect your gutters, as well as your entire rooftop, both after serious storms and the storm season’s end.

AKVM Offers Comprehensive Roof and Gutter Replacement

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