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How To Know When Your Bradenton Home’s Roof Is Due For A Replacement

Published: 12/30/2021

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How To Know When Your Bradenton Home’s Roof Is Due For A Replacement

Roofing problems are a hassle no one wants to contend with. Especially when seemingly small issues can turn out to be big threats requiring your whole rooftop to be replaced. But how do you know when your roofing problems are cause for alarm? How do you tell when your roof needs replacing vs. a simple repair?

In this post, we go over some of the top indicators that your roof needs a fresh install, and discuss how to find a good contractor here in Bradenton.

Lifespan Reached

When evaluating whether or not your roof needs replacing, the first consideration should be its age. Different types of rooftops have varying lifespans, at the end of which they will be due for replacement.

Standard asphalt shingle roofing lasts about 20 years, while upgraded dimensional/architectural shingle can endure for 30 years. Superior brands like GAF’s Timberline shingles offer a lifetime warranty, so unless your roof has been exposed to some serious punishment from things like falling branches or extreme weather, you may not need to worry about replacement at all.

If you have metal roofing, its lifespan can be anywhere from 40 to 70 years. It’s common for manufacturers of metal rooftops to provide a 50-year warranty.

Sagging Roof

Any sagging sections of your roofline are clear indications of structural compromise. The very framework of your rooftop has begun to break down, and it’s only a matter of time before your roof completely gives in.

This situation is highly hazardous. You need attention right away from a roofing crew that is well-versed in safely demolishing old rooftops and building a reliable structure anew. The project will certainly cost more than simply replacing the roof covering, but when it comes to the safety of your home, you can’t take the risk.

Excessive Storm Damage

Here in South Florida, it’s practically a given that our rooftops will take a beating through every storm season. Most solidly-built roofs can make it through moderate tempests with a little cosmetic wear at most. But in the case of weaker rooftops or severe storms, it’s far more likely that the damage is bad enough to warrant a full replacement.

Signs of heavy storm damage include large sections of missing or buckled shingles, and areas where the roof decking has been exposed. If there are spots where the roof structure has caved in, that’s extreme damage that will call for complete rebuilding.

Leaks & Water Intrusion

If water is able to permeate your rooftop, there’s definitely cause for concern. For water to be able to intrude at all will require your roofing to be in poor shape. Whether it’s because of missing shingles, a deteriorated moisture barrier, or penetrations from falling debris, the fact that your roof is letting water through tells you that repairs are needed ASAP. While it’s possible to have only a small localized leak that can be treated with a simple patch-up, we’ve found that full overhauls are often required.

The problem is that by the time a leak or water damage is noticed, in many cases, it will have existed for a long time. This means that your roof, and other parts of your home, might have accumulated significant water damage. Moisture leaching into the roof decking and other structural components can cause rot or mold to develop, which will likely necessitate a complete replacement of the affected materials.

Energy Bill Increase

Has your energy bill gone up without explanation? The answer may lie in your rooftop. If the structure has degraded, it could be allowing drafts to enter and your conditioned air to escape. Sometimes this problem is fixable with a minor repair or upgrading your insulation, but in cases where damage has actually created large holes or other areas of exposure, any reputable roofing contractor will tell you that you need to replace that entire portion of roofing.

This type of damage can occasionally be obvious from the ground, but it’s not uncommon for it to be undetectable without conducting a thorough inspection. To verify whether or not your energy spikes are being caused by a serious roofing problem, you should recruit the help of an expert roofer who knows what to look for.

Find Dependable Roof Replacement Contractors in Bradenton

Undertaking a complete replacement of your rooftop is a big deal. It’s a major investment that will impact the durability of your home, as well as the resale value. Additionally, the work will take time to complete, requiring that contractors have access to your home for an extended period.

All of these factors make it crucial to pick a Bradenton roofing contractor that is trustworthy and easy to work with. AKVM has built a reputation as a local crew that can be counted on to get the job done right and keep the process stress-free.

We’ll cooperate with you to make your project go as smoothly as possible, creating minimal interference in your day-to-day life. The end result will be a flawless installation that lends your home a new level of beauty, strength, and value. Contact us today to set up your free inspection and get a quote.


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