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Solar Energy Trends to Expect in 2023

Published: 01/03/2023

solar energy trends in 2023

With the Biden administration’s recent renewal of federal solar tax credits, homeowners can now enter 2023 with a clear path to affordable rooftop solar. The Solar Investment Tax Credit (SITC) was also raised to 30%, meaning that residents can cut almost a third of the cost right out of the gate.

This change is set to bring a wave of installations in the new year, many of which are bound to follow a few strong trends. If you’re thinking of installing yourself, it’s worth considering whether any of these trends may be right for your needs.

Stretching Power with Solar + Storage

In recent years, solar battery technology has emerged in the residential market. Homeowners are now able to add batteries onto their solar panel systems, allowing them to store any excess energy generated throughout the day. This stored energy can be tapped into even when the sun is no longer shining.

Between the widespread rise in energy prices and general inflation, reducing costs will be a top priority in 2023. Taking advantage of a solar battery could dramatically impact your savings, enabling you to run your home on solar power almost always.

Solar power can also be a great safeguard during times of power instability. This is chief concern when blackouts are becoming increasingly common – and dangerous. While blackouts here haven’t been as threatening as in states with more extreme temperatures, the recent power outages in the wake of Hurricane Ian left many Floridians without the ability to cool their homes, prepare food, or contact emergency services and loved ones. Having backup power at the ready will keep your household powered even when the grid fails, which may be all the more frequent with our worsening hurricane seasons.

Small-Scale Installations

Even with the SITC available, the cost of solar is still a big hurdle for many. However, this doesn’t mean those with low budgets are without options. Installing smaller solar systems is becoming a more popular choice for people who still want to shave off a portion of their utility costs.

Opting for a 3kW installation is an increasingly common compromise. While these systems usually aren’t large enough to power an entire household, they will offset enough of the costs to make the investment worthwhile. Choosing high efficiency panels for the installation can also maximize the generation capacity. The average 3kW system is estimated to save about $343-$547 in annual energy costs for Floridians.

Maintaining Aesthetics with Low-Profile Panels

If you’ve been interested in the benefits of solar, but haven’t been too keen on the look, you’re not alone. Many homeowners have put off getting solar due to the fear that it would drop their home’s curb appeal. But the rise of low-profile panels has solved the problem. You can expect to see far more solar installations of this type as 2023 unfolds.

Most low-profile panels are known as “solar shingles”, which mimic the look of traditional roof shingles. Tesla, Luma, SunTegra, and several other brands offer their own solar shingles that are sleek and inconspicuous.

Make Your Roof Solar-Ready

Before you can go solar, it’s important to verify that your roof is ready to support a new installation. AKVM’s team of roofing professionals is ready to help you prepare. We offer free inspections to assess your roof’s integrity, as well as affordable solutions for any repairs or replacements needed. Our experts can even advise you on which materials will make for the easiest installation. Contact us today to schedule a visit and get insights from the pros.