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New Homeowners: What You Should Know About Your Roof

Published: 02/07/2023

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So you’ve just bought a new home and are looking to get cozy. But that can be hard to do when there’s a long list of things that still need to be checked and worked on.

The roof is a common point of stress for new homeowners, since it plays such a massive role in protecting the home from weather damage and maintaining a comfortable interior. Problems here can easily spread, affecting the rest of your home and racking up repair costs.

For this reason, it’s critical to be informed about your new home’s roof and what attention it needs. Answering key questions and making the right moves now can help you prevent trouble and keep your new purchase from becoming a regret.

What’s Left of its Lifespan?

Ideally, your realtor or the home’s former owner should have noted the age of your new home’s roof. This is a major reference point that will be needed to effectively plan an eventual replacement, if necessary.

Roof lifespans vary depending on the type. Asphalt roofs can last anywhere from 10 to 30 years depending on climate and quality, while tile and treated metal materials can last 50 to 70 years, or more.

Expanding on this point, it’s also important to know what work has been done in terms of repairs. If your roof has been patched up or shown signs of deterioration in the past, knowing this can help you keep a better eye on its weak points and make better plans for future work.

Inspect Now, Save Later

The best case scenario is to have had a pre-sale home inspection that included a thorough evaluation of your roof. If this occurred, then you should have had a good idea of what shape your roof was in before you bought your home. If not, then the next best thing is to get a professional roof inspection done now.

This will allow you to identify issues before they can cause bigger problems. For example, if there’s currently a leak in your roof, an inspection empowers you to spot it, treat it, and put a halt to any continued water damage. Should such a leak go undetected, you could end up with water seeping into your insulation, walls, roof beams, and other important materials. It’s a scenario that could result in thousands of dollars of remediation work.

Does the Original Warranty Transfer?

If your new home had a roof recently installed, it may come with a warranty that could offer you continued protection. However, certain fine print and procedures are often in place that can affect whether or not such a warranty will be honored. Read our post about transferring roof warranties to learn what you’ll need to do.

Your Roof’s Materials May Not be Suitable

Here in South Florida, the salty coastal air, heat, and humidity can take a toll on certain types of roofing. And that’s without the added strain of the tropical storms! If your new home’s roof isn’t made from the right materials, it is bound to degrade far faster than it would in a more mild climate.

Unfinished steel, wood shake, and economy-tier asphalt shingles don’t stand up well to the Florida elements, especially when hurricane season hits. If your home is topped with one of these vulnerable materials, you may want to consider replacing your roof with a more robust alternative. Clay or concrete tiles, coated metal, and certain higher-grade shingle products are all solid choices preferred by local homeowners.

Don’t Underestimate the Need for Maintenance

Routine maintenance is a must if you want your roof to remain reliable, especially in our harsh weather conditions. In fact, our weather patterns make it an absolute necessity to stick to a maintenance schedule, involving tasks and inspections that should be performed before and after hurricane season.

Skipping one of these maintenance “checkpoints” can result in some serious damage accumulation, since our storms are strong enough to tear off shingles and rip openings into roofing. Repairing hurricane-caused injuries should be done ASAP to avoid exacerbation, and every hurricane season should be preceded by preparatory work that reduces risk of damage.

AKVM Helps South Florida’s New Homeowners Keep Their Roofs Strong

Since 2006, AKVM has been serving Florida’s suncoast as one of the region’s most trusted roofing contractors. We offer the professional inspection, installation, and repair services needed to give new homeowners peace of mind about their property’s rooftop.

If you’re interested in scheduling a free inspection and estimate, we invite you to contact us today. Our experts will be happy to help you get to know your roof and understand its needs.