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What are roof vents and why are they necessary?

Published: 04/28/2022

Roof Vent Types

If you’re like most people, when you think of your rooftop, you mainly think about the exterior portion that covers the surface - whether that be made up of shingles, metal panels, tiles, or other materials. However, it’s important to be aware that your rooftop is actually an entire system of structures, which all work together to keep your home shielded from the elements.

One of the most critical parts of this system is the roof ventilation, usually consisting of multiple vents placed in strategic locations. In this post, you’ll learn about what these vents accomplish, why they’re essential, and how to know if you need to upgrade them.

Why Do I Need Roof Vents?

Roof vents allow for airflow in your attic. They provide an entry point for fresh, dry air to enter (intake vents), and an exit point for hot, humid air to escape (exhaust vents). This is especially important in South Florida’s muggy environment, where warm, damp air in your attic can quickly cause serious issues.

The first of these problems comes from direct contact between the air’s moisture and your attic and roofing materials. A steamy attic creates the perfect conditions for mold to grow and wood to rot. You can end up with some major hazards to your health and safety, not to mention a big hit to the wallet when those damaged materials need to be replaced.

Having warm, wet air trapped in your attic is also a nightmare for energy efficiency. With a blanket of heat covering your home, it will be much more difficult to cool it to a comfortable temperature. You will see your energy bills reach staggering heights if you don’t address poor roof ventilation by the time summer hits.

How Can I Tell if My Roof Vents Need Replacement?

Your roof vents likely need replacing if you notice any of the following:

  • A noticeable difference of humidity between the attic & your home’s interior
  • Excessively hot temperature in your attic, even at night
  • Mold or condensation in your attic
  • Sagging portions of the attic ceiling
  • Loose or missing shingles
  • Crumbling or missing flashing around the vent edges
  • Rusted spots on the vents

Reasons Roof Vents Fail

Sometimes, underperformance of roof vents just comes down to wear. An aged vent that has been exposed to the Florida elements for many years will eventually start to give out. However, there can be more fundamental issues at play.

Poor Vent Placement

Vent placement matters greatly. It’s actually quite common to see roof vents installed in a formation that doesn’t align with the airflow patterns of the attic. In this situation, air still remains trapped in the attic because it doesn’t have a realistic path of escape. If you have plenty of vents installed but it seems like they’re not working, this could also be your problem. We typically see this issue when the installation was performed by a team that doesn’t specialize in roofing.

Use of Inferior Brands

Before you jump to installing new ventilation points, it’s worthwhile to note that not all roof vents are created equal. The brand used can have a big impact on the quality of ventilation provided. It’s quite possible that you have all of the intake and exhaust points necessary – you just need to upgrade the vents themselves.

Get Expert Roof Ventilation Solutions

A contractor with an expert understanding of airflow patterns will be able to assess the conditions of your attic and diagnose the issue. After determining the exact cause of your ventilation troubles, a professional will be able to prescribe the appropriate solution. This may be a simple switch out of your old vents with higher quality models, or it could entail a total reconfiguration of your vent system.

Of course, actually finding knowledgeable help can be tough, especially in a market where so many contractors claim to do it all. Here at AKVM, we specialize in resolving roofing issues common to Florida, as well as building entirely new rooftops that can stand up to the harsh environment. Our crew is experienced in all applications, including traditional shingle, metal, and even commercial membrane roofing.

If you’d like an expert opinion on your roof’s ventilation, we’ll happily provide you with a free inspection and estimate. Contact us today to schedule your no-risk assessment.

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