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What It Takes To Be A GAF Master Elite Contractor

Published: 06/05/23

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If you are in the market for a roofing contractor, you’re probably trying to figure out who is the most qualified and trustworthy. You may have already seen a number of certifications that are meant to indicate some level of quality, but deciphering which ones are meaningful is a challenge for anyone not familiar.

GAF Master Elite Contractor is one certification you’ll definitely want to pay attention to. But what exactly does that mean? And why should this be the standard for the contractor you choose?

GAF is one of the largest roofing manufacturers in North America, producing some of the top roofing products on the market. They also offer a program that recognizes the best of the best in the roofing industry: the GAF Master Elite Contractor program.

To become a GAF Master Elite Contractor, a roofing contractor must meet a number of strict requirements. We’ll walk you through each of these qualifications, and discuss why they’re essential for ensuring you get the best possible service.

Proper Licensing

The most basic requirement is licensing. GAF Master Elite Contractors must be properly licensed in their state or province, as well as carry adequate insurance coverage of at least $1 million. That includes liability and workers' compensation.

You can rest assured that every contractor with this certification is a professional business with the coverage needed to protect your interests. No fly-by-night contractors here. And certainly none who will leave you with the bill if disaster strikes.

Proven Reputation

The contractor must have a proven reputation within their local community. This includes maintaining a satisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau, as well as receiving positive reviews from past customers.

If a roofer is unable to consistently deliver great customer experiences, they don’t make the cut. GAF only partners with contractors who can be trusted to pull off great installations that do GAF products justice.

Good Credit

Having a good credit rating is essential for GAF Master Elite Contractors. This stipulation disqualifies any businesses that are overextended on loans, or are otherwise poor at cash flow management.Working only with contractors who have good credit ratings is a safeguard for your project and your finances. You won’t have to worry about the contractor not having the money to pay their team or buy materials, nor will you have to worry about them putting off your project in favor of a new customer ready to put cash in their hands.

Ongoing Professional Training

All GAF Master Elite Contractors must be committed to ongoing professional training provided by GAF, and pass GAF testing. This keeps them up-to-date on the latest roofing technologies and installation techniques, guaranteeing your contractor follows the industry’s best practices.

Contractors who are up to speed on the latest technologies and roofing methods are able to provide faster service and better results. Where other contractors may be using out-of-date practices, there’s a good chance their roofing won’t meet current standards of quality.

Commitment to GAF Warranties

On that note, quality is paramount for GAF Master Elite Contractors. They must demonstrate a commitment to quality workmanship, using only the best materials and installation practices.

Furthermore, they must offer strong warranty offerings to their customers, including the GAF System Plus Warranty, which provides up to 50 years of coverage on materials and labor. Offering this superior level of protection gives customers the best level of security for their investment.

Annual Re-certification

GAF’s Master Elite certifications are only valid for one year, meaning that contractors will have to regularly prove their qualifications if they hope to retain the designation.

Only the top 2% qualify to be Master Elite certified. Maintaining this distinction year after year is perhaps one of the best indicators that a roofer is truly exemplary.

AKVM is One of Florida’s Only GAF Master Elite Contractors

Very few Florida roofers are certified Master Elite contractors, and AKVM is proud to be one of them. Every year, we prove that our professionals are among the state’s most skilled and capable, earning GAF’s annual stamp of approval.

As a GAF Master Elite Contractor, we are authorized to install GAF’s top of the line products and offer the GAF System Plus Warranty. It’s the strongest guarantee of quality in the industry, giving you the ultimate confidence in your choice.


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