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How to Choose the Best Shingle Color

Published: 07/20/2021

how to choose roof color

Whether you’re building new or revamping your existing home, there is no shortage of details you’ll need to consider as you work through your project. From material type to particular finishes and shades, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the little things you have to decide upon.

This is certainly true for roofing, as you’ll not only need to pick the type of roof you want, but its texture and hue as well. Shingle roofing presents a variety of options. Choosing the best shingle color for your home can be a tough choice. Given that installing a new roof is such a big investment, you want to be sure that your choice is the best one possible.

In this quick guide, we’ll walk you through the key points you’ll want to consider when evaluating shingle colors. With this advice in hand, you’ll have all the information you need to select shingles that beautifully complement your home.

Determine Your Ideal Look

This first point will shape the entire trajectory of your selection process, so make sure to give it some serious thought. When you picture how you’d like your home to look, what sort of impression does it give?

Is your desired appearance bold and distinctive? You may want to explore high contrast or complementary colors. Colors that are opposites on the color wheel naturally pop against each other. So for example, if you put rust-colored shingles on a navy blue house, the effect will be striking.

Don’t worry about this option being too “out there”. It’s quite possible to get an eye-catching yet classic aesthetic if you stick to neutral colors. One high-contrast pairing that always looks great is crisp white paint with dark gray or black shingles.

If your ideal look is more subtle and subdued, your best option may be to go for a slightly deeper or lighter shade than your home’s paint color. Choosing shingles that are just a few shades off from your main color or even the trim can create a tastefully understated result.

choosing roof colors
Opposite colors on the color wheel create a vibration that is pleasing. To see what other combinations go well and experiment with your own, check out this tool from Adobe.

Don’t Forget the Difference Between Tones

As you go through colors and shades, make sure you don’t forget to look for shingles that are the same tone type as your home’s paint scheme. There are warm tones, which tend to have a more red or golden tint to them, and cool tones, which skew more blue. Then there are neutral tones, which don’t lean either way.

The tones of colors can be quite subtle, but they make a big difference. Mixing different tone combinations can easily look “off.” In our example of a navy blue house, the warm, rust-colored shingles look perfect if the blue paint has a warm tone. But if that blue is too icy and cool, the pairing can look mismatched.

Keep Applicable Regulations in Mind

color limitations with hoa

Depending on where you live, you may have to check whether local regulations limit your color choices. This is commonly the case with properties that are part of homeowner’s associations (HOAs). You may be required to keep your roof shingles within a specific palette of colors. There can be a threat of fines or a lien if you fail to comply.

You will likely need to submit your color selections to your HOA for approval before you can move forward with your roofing project. If you want to diverge from the usual look found in your neighborhood, including mock-up photos or drawings of the final result is the best way of convincing your HOA that your shingle choice deserves the greenlight.

Check the Options Available for Your Shingle Type

Keep in mind that certain shingle types may only come in a few colors. You may find that your favorite color isn't an option for the type of shingles you're using. In such a case, you’ll probably have to make a compromise.

If you can find your preferred color in shingles of comparable quality, it may not be a big deal to go for the nicely-colored option. But if you're looking at a significant step down in quality, we recommend that you go with the one that will best protect your home and stand the test of time. You’ll be glad you got the best value from your investment, even if you had to go with your second choice in color.

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