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4 Major Reasons To Call A Professional Roofer

Published: 05/24/2021

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Don’t Try This At Home

Anyone who owns a home knows that the need for repairs never seems to end. Just as you get one problem solved, another pops up demanding expenses. Choosing to DIY can definitely minimize the impact on your wallet, but it’s not always the wisest option. Especially when it comes to something as major as roof repairs.

There are plenty of circumstances in which your best bet is to get the help of a professional residential roofer. Let’s take a look at some of these situations and discuss why they call for expert assistance.

Your Roof is 15-20 Years Old

Rooftops have a limited lifespan, and if yours is approaching the end of it, then the extent of damage is probably too much to handle in a DIY project. It will have accumulated years and years of exposure to the elements, meaning that it’s likely to need complete replacement. Furthermore, it’s quite possible that your older rooftop isn’t safe to climb without proper training and equipment.

A common asphalt shingle roof lasts about 15-20 years. If this style of roof is only missing a few shingles or has a small crack, it can be quite possible to DIY when the roof isn’t too old. Other types, such as tile roofs or wood shake can endure for decades more, but those aren’t ever easy to repair on your own.

You Have Active Warranties on Your Roof’s Materials

If you have a warranty on your roof’s installation or at least its materials, that can easily be voided if anyone but a licensed roofing contractor climbs on it or performs repairs. This can put you on the hook for any failures that occur down the road, which can be far more pricey than the original repair would have been. To be on the safe side and protect yourself from avoidable costs, it’s best to stick with professional service whenever your warrantied roof needs some attention.

Keep in mind that your homeowner’s insurance might also have stipulations against claims for things that have once been subjected to DIY repairs. You’ll want to take a careful look at your policy before stepping foot on your roof.

Your Roof has a Steep Pitch

Rooftops are a dangerous place to be in any case, but especially if they have a strong incline. Expert roofers have the gear and know-how to navigate steep roofs safely, but that isn’t true for the average homeowner.

Trying to DIY repairs on a steep rooftop is far more risk than it’s worth. A slip or tumble could result in serious injuries or even death. The CDC found that 97% of all roofing and ladder accidents happen at home, suggesting that most are the result of unqualified homeowners trying to make repairs themselves. Given that professional roofers already have a high risk of experiencing injury on the job, there’s every indication that DIY roofing is dramatically more dangerous for people who don’t have any experience or training in fall prevention.

You Live in a Rainy or Snowy Climate

Roofs installed in particularly wet climates have to be tougher than most. They must remain impenetrable against rain and melting snow, which they can be exposed to for entire seasons or even the majority of the year.

If these rooftops develop cracks or other weak points, it could lead to an incredible amount of water damage in a very short time. That’s why it is critical for these faults to be fixed perfectly - requiring the skill of a trained roofer. DIY repairs are often not executed with precision, which can’t be afforded in cases like these. While rooftops in dry climates may be able to get away with less-than-perfect fixes, the roofs in these high-moisture zones don’t have that wiggle room.

Finding a Quality Roofing Contractor in Sarasota

If you’ve determined that you need the help of a professional roofer, you’ll then need to figure out who is capable of providing you with the best level of service. Homeowners throughout Sarasota and Bradenton have come to trust AKVM as one of the most reliable experts for roof repairs and replacements.

We’re ready to help you address any of your roofing needs as soon as possible. From standard shingle to tile and metal, we can perform almost any type of roofing repair anywhere in Florida’s Sarasota, Manatee, and Hillsborough counties. Our company can even help you secure favorable financing deals so that you don’t have to worry about affordability. If you’d like to get a quote, we invite you to reach out to us today.

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