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Top 3 Roofing Components That Cannot be Repaired, Only Replaced

Published: 07/26/2021

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While it may be easy enough to swap out some missing or damaged shingles or dinged-up vents, there are other parts of your rooftop that can’t be remedied by a quick fix. If they’ve been compromised, they need to be fully replaced. This often isn’t what homeowners want to hear. After all, outright replacement can seem more costly and time consuming than you were prepared for. But trying to get by with a patch-up can actually create more hassle for you down the road. That’s why it’s important to understand what parts of your roof can’t be repaired, and why complete replacement of those parts is the only viable option. Below, we go over the top 3 roofing components that cannot be repaired and will always require replacement. We’ll also outline the problems typically associated with these parts, and the consequences of not addressing them.

roofing components that must be replaced

1. Roof Decking (Sheathing)

As a fundamental component of your roof’s base structure, roof decking (also known as sheathing) can’t be left in place once it’s been damaged. Doing so creates the risk of cave-ins, which can result in more expenses and even physical harm. And because roof decking is the foundation for your shingles or tiles, its failure can also create the need for you to replace those, as well as other parts of your home.

The typical plywood or wood board material used for roof decking is vulnerable to rot if moisture penetrates between the shingles and through the underlayment. Rotten sections can give way to this moisture, leading to the formation of leaks that drip into your attic and further down into your home. You could end up with mold, spreading rot, and even damage to electrical wiring or personal property if the decking isn’t replaced.

Signs of roof decking that needs replacing include patches of lost shingles, roof sagging, broken gutters, or leaks in your attic or ceiling. Cracks and buckling present in your ceiling are also giant red flags.

roofing components that must be replaced

2. Vent and Chimney Flashing

The vents that open into your roof require flashing seals along their seams to make them as waterproof as possible. This flashing usually consists of rubber or metal materials.

Unfortunately, both of these substances are prone to degradation when they’ve been exposed to a lot of moisture over time. Rubber flashing can crack and crumble away, while metal flashing can rust and erode. Given that these parts are fairly small, the moment they start to disintegrate, the only thing to do is replace them. The same is true for the flashing that is installed around the edge of chimney spouts, which is usually a type of metal.

It’s important to note that neglecting to replace your vent and chimney flashing just creates another opening in your roof for wind and water to intrude. You’ll face the risk of mold, leaks, and all the other consequences typical of a break in your roof’s envelope.

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3. Metal Roof Sections

Shingle and tile roofs are fairly easy to perform repairs on because damaged spots can be patched up quickly. The work can be contained to the small area where the shingles/tiles were torn away or cracked.

With metal roofs, however, the problem is much more difficult. These installations are usually done using large sheets of metal that cover wide expanses of your rooftop. In some cases, a single sheet of metal can cover an entire section of the roof. This means that when a metal sheet has been damaged by hail, fallen limbs, or wind, it will need to be replaced in its entirety.

If there’s a problem with the fasteners, those parts can often be repaired in isolation. But over-tightening of the fasteners can cause “oil-canning” in the metal sheets, which is a stretching effect that produces waves and dimpling. It doesn’t worsen the structure of the roof, but the deformations can be unsightly to appraisers and prospective buyers. Getting rid of the eyesore will require a full replacement of the affected sheets.

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